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What makes Air Bruere different? The care the coaches take to develop not only an elite football player, but help mold young boys into fine young men. The coaches take the time to evaluate and truly assess the athlete’s current skill level in order to determine the best program for them to reach their present and future goals as a football player. Coach Bruere and Coach Lee prides themselves on training the athlete at their position not just a random football workout.

Our Mission

Air Bruere provides the most comprehensive Position Specific Training for aspiring football players at all levels. Our continual emphasis is placed on the physical and mental development of the athlete. Highly experienced and knowledgeable coaches, along with state of the art facilities makes us the elite Position Specific Training Center in New Mexico.

Carl Bruere

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Lee McKinley

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What Our Clients Say

Beginning in the summer of 2018, our son, Darren Sanchez, worked with Coach Carl Bruere (quarterback coach) through the SWAT program.  Our experience with him was wonderful!  Darren learned so many valuable skills with Coach Carl, such as basic throwing mechanics and drills, which helped him fine-tune his throwing motion.  He also worked on Darren’s footwork, timing, strength, flexibility, awareness and vision.  Our sons’ knowledge of the quarterback position has vastly improved as a result.  Darren is so much more confident knowing that the hard work he’s done with Coach Carl has transferred into actual games.   Lastly, I would like to add that in addition to being a great coach, Carl truly cares about the kids and goes above and beyond what we expected.  He would check on Darren the night before a game and wish him good luck and would always ask about how his games went at the beginning of his next lesson.  We will definitely be back in the spring to have our son continue to work with Coach Carl.  We highly recommend the SWAT program and Coach Carl.  
Louie S.
My 12-year-old son Brandon began quarterback instruction with Coach Bruere in the Summer of 2016.  He has been with him every week since.  Coach Bruere provides an environment to obtain maximum effort and give the highest quality instruction possible.  Coach Bruere has set the foundation for my son’s throwing mechanics and footwork to improve with every instruction.  He focuses on the fundamentals and leadership required for the quarterback position.  He always has my son’s future success and best interest on and off the field in mind.  Coach Bruere’s attention to detail, passion, and work ethic has made my son one of the best youth quarterbacks in the league.Bryan O.
Coach B,
Prior to meeting you I thought Braden was a pretty good football player. He had only played tackle for a year and had played flag football for 5 years. 
I will never forget that first practice….I thought to myself how much Braden really didn’t know …..moreover, couldn’t do. Rather than focusing on the negative, you encouraged him throughout the entire practice. I’ve learned you weren’t just being nice…you coach by focusing on the positive. 
Your coaching and mentoring have taken Braden to an entire different level. Not only physically, mentally. His skill gets better each day and he loves it! He feels better about his ability to “be athletic” and his self-confidence has improved…..I can’t thank you enough!
You, your hand-picked assistant coaches, are honestly the best!!! Thank you!!


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