Sports Training


This mobile app provides users with exercise prescription, instruction, and embedded video support that allows our members to stay consistent both in house and abroad. Coaches can utilize this tool to create custom programs for the individual, while also maintaining constant communication with the athlete and providing feedback. Monitor your goals and track your progress in the long-term and keep an active log of continuous improvement.

Football Plus

Position Specific Training

In football, players are assigned different positions and trained in disciplines specific to those positions. We help you understand your assigned role and its responsibilities in order to achieve overall success in the sport and within your team. Football positioning training allows you to learn the position by practicing different plays with various scenarios. You’ll become familiar with corresponding positions, how to respond in different situations, and work many of the muscles and body parts essential to your position while improving speed and agility.

Performance Training

Regardless of sport, practice or discipline, we are proud to present 8 Gradys Sports Performance to get you to your goals. Our coaches offer small group, private and team performance coaching for all ages and abilities. Each plan offers unique and individualized approaches that will keep you safe, healthy and performing at a high level.

Adult Comprehensive Training

Adult Comprehensive training (ACT) is a one hour, immersive group training session for anyone looking to improve their performance. Classes are a combination of strength, power, and conditioning, led by our expert coaches. These classes provide the motivation of working alongside others, while still offering one-on-one attention to each member. Contact us to learn more about ACT at 8 Gradys.

Move & Groove

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As more and more children are becoming involved in sports at a younger age, correctly training them is necessary to ensure they move efficiently while staying safe, consistent, and strong. Our youth movement training begins with breathing techniques and moves into simple stretches and exercises. These act as building blocks that will eventually correlate with and are essential to several sports and activities. Exposing children to a variety of movement challenges allows them to develop effective coordination and mobility that will set the foundation for more complex sports skills and fundamentals later on.


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In the game of soccer, the five S’s are key: speed, strength, stamina, suppleness, and skill. Knowing your position and what it entails is important to efficiently training in each area. Some positions rely heavily on speed and skill while others depend on strength and stamina. Our soccer training allows you to find and then practice the position fit for you and the specificity required of each, resulting in a more refined skill set, improvement in your overall game, and advancement to your next personal level in the sport.


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Golf encompasses a wide variety of skills and game aspects. Golf training allows you to identify strengths, improve weaknesses, and better your overall game. Through practice, you’ll know which equipment is best fit for you, refine your swing, and improve your accuracy, technique, and distance. We’ll work with you to execute different strategies, practice various types of shots, and become aware of the effects even the slightest movement can have on your swing and the course of the ball. 


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Effective training is essential to becoming an elite basketball player. While training in the basic areas such as passing, shooting, and dribbling are important, skill must also be mastered in speed, stamina, and mental toughness. In addition to understanding their own position and its specifics, we train players to understand their teammates and their positions, as well as what they are likely to do in certain situations. Practicing in different scenarios under varying circumstances, while consistently conditioning their strength and form, we help players develop the skills and abilities necessary to be a successful player and teammate, and refine the comprehension that leads to a successful game. 

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