The Grady Family Proudly Presents…
8 Gradys 360° Golf Academy

8 Gradys Golf 360° is everything you love about 8 Gradys Performance Center, but applied to the great sport of golf! Combining industry-leading training technology with the best coaching this program not only aims to grow the game of golf in New Mexico, but in each individual player. The result is an all-around improved student athlete – hence the name, 360° Golf – with school skills that excel in class and a golfer’s game that dominates the grass! Ready to play a pro? We’re ready to help you train like one. Reach out to us today and become a better all-around golfer!

Under Par Game, Above Par Skills

From the equipment you use to train to your physical and mental skill – the game of golf is more than just your swing. 8 Gradys 360° Golf helps you perfect every aspect with one-on-one training and nutrition guidance. Physically, we help you refine your skills and improve overall performance. Mentally, we help you prepare for, adapt, and overcome every scenario. Together, these physical and mental skills help produce the best golfers, with skills that are always above par, and a game that’s under.

Pro-Level Coaching

8 Gradys 360° Golf coaches have a love for the sport, that’s a given, but they have years of experience to back it up, too! From playing on school teams to coaching at the collegiate level, our coaches use all they’ve learned to teach New Mexico’s new and upcoming athletes. With expert training, knowledge, and a passion for golf, when you choose 8 Gradys 360° Golf, you can be assured you’re teeing off with the best!

Get to Golfing

Whether just beginning the sport or a seasoned athlete ready to train for the next level – 8 Gradys 360° Golf is for you! Contact us today to learn more about our program and how you or your child athlete can benefit from all-around improved golfing.

Mission Statement

The mission of 360° Golf at 8 Gradys Performance Center is to use the best technology and collegiate golf experience to develop the physical and mental skills necessary for golfers to be successful and enjoy the game each time they step onto the links and help students.

Vision Statement

At the end of the day the goal of 8 Gradys 360° Golf is to grow the game of golf in New Mexico by providing students with technology that helps the pros along with the ideology of physical and mental training to make sure that golfers have the tools they need to reach new levels of their game.

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