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Being an all-star athlete means you’re at the top of your game on the court and in the classroom. To ensure our athletes can achieve all their sports dreams and goals, we provide academic schooling, test prep, and counseling for grades 3-12. Students will get help with classes, applying for scholarships, NCAA Clearinghouse prep, and more.

Erika Foutz

Erika grew up in Gallup, NM where she played 3 sports in high school: volleyball, basketball, and tennis. She was in the top 15% of my graduating class. After high school. She went to the University of New Mexico and earned a Bachelor of Science in Education in May 2006. Erika soon began teaching in Albuquerque Public Schools in 2006. In the fall of 2007 she began my Master’s program at the University of New Mexico in May 2010. She received a Masters in Arts in Special Education. She also worked my way through the dossier process and is now a Level 3 Teacher. She taught for 12 at Roosevelt Middle School. The last 2 years, Erika has been working at Sequoyah Adolescent Treatment Center that has 7-12 graders attending.

Erika has also coached multiple sports throughout her teaching career. She coached middle school volleyball, basketball, and track. She also coached volleyball at Eldorado High school for 4 years. She has also been tutoring for the past 6 years in a variety of subjects for high school students.

3rd – 5th Grade

The knowledge acquired between grades three and five is vital and will be applied throughout the remainder of a child’s schooling. Developing a deep understanding of each introductory subject helps ensure that your child is ready for and will excel in the next academic level. During this impressionable and vulnerable age, it’s important to instill confidence in your child to ensure they’re successful throughout grade school and beyond.

Middle School

Preparing students for high school-level sports and academics, their intensity, and specifications begins during their time in middle school. This is a pivotal time for learning many fundamentals that will later be applied and elaborated on in high school, and understanding them now ensures they stay on track and achieve greater success. We work alongside student athletes to make sure they have a well-rounded understanding of all subjects and are well-prepared for high school.

High School

As higher education and its college-level sport opportunities draw nearer, this time is crucial for student athletes. We work with your teens to help develop the necessary skills and knowledge aimed towards the school and sport of their choice. This ensures they meet the specified requirements and allows them to increase their chances of receiving academic and/or sport scholarships.

ACT-SAT Test Prep

Scores from both the ACT and SAT are heavily weighed and debated on when a college is looking for student athlete recruits. Prepping for and acing these tests are very important for a high school student. We help student athletes effectively prepare and study for both college placement tests. This not only increases their eligibility for scholarships but also ensures they get into a good school.

NCAA Clearinghouse Prep

An essential step on the path to becoming a college athlete is the NCAA Clearinghouse. Every year there are thousands of potential college athletes who register and all must be cleared and determined eligible by the NCAA. Preparing for NCAA Clearinghouse will help student athletes become familiar with the process of completing and submitting transcripts, test scores, and questionnaires.

Scholarships Counseling

Scholarships include a variety of components ranging from academic to physical ability. When a student athlete masters both, they have a greater chance of receiving scholarships and financial aid. Scholarship counseling helps prepare teens for the many, and often vigorous, application processes. We work with them to improve their writing skills, professional ability, interview ability, and more to make them an overall stand-out candidate for academic and sport scholarships.

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