Coaches / Officials

Coaches Info

Coaches code of conduct

  • Coaches are to stay in the area of their benches.  
  • Only players, coach, assistant coach, adult statistician, and adult scoreboard operator may be on the bench during a game. 
  • No coach will enter the court for any reason during regulation play unless an official ask the coach to do so.    
  • Technical foul can be called at any time against the coach.
  • In the event of an injury, the coach may attend to the player after the referee has motioned you onto the court.
  • Coaches may approach the score table only during an intermission or a time-out and only for the purpose of substitution or review of the official score sheet.

Officials Info

Officials - Our Officials are registered members of the New Mexico Officials Association. This is an organization that represents the entire State. Please treat them with respect when they are Officiating your son or daughters’ games.

  1. 8 Grady’s Basketball League will use certified officials through the NMAA or Parks and Recreation.
  2. All officials will be aware of the proper mechanics when officiating a basketball game
  3. The officials will be knowledgeable of the basketball league rules
  4. Officials will also demonstrate that they have solid relationship with players, Coaches, and fans when officiating a game.
  5. Officials will also know the gym rules at 8 Grady’s Performance Center
  6. Officials are the only people who can terminate a game.
  7. All officials will have to do a background check.