Purpose - The 8 Grady’s youth basketball league was developed to create an environment which embraces dynamically sound fundamental basketball.

Philosophy - The 8 Grady’s Youth Basketball program is based on the philosophy of fun, teamwork, fair play, family involvement and volunteering. The focus of our youth league is to raise the player’s basketball ability and enjoy the experience, while maintaining the integrity of a competitive environment.

Sportsmanship - Sportsmanship is when competitors or viewers of competitive events treat one another with respect and exhibit appropriate behavior. Good sportsmanship means being fair and ethical to those you're playing with—both your teammates and the opponents—and is especially crucial for young athletes to learn. 

  1. Be supportive. 
  2. Have a positive attitude. 
  3. Be respective. 
  4. Be willing to learn. 
  5. Practice self-control. Sportsmanship can also apply to audience members, including viewers in the bleachers and coaches on the sideline.


All games will be played at the 8Gradys Performance Center. If we cannot play all games there because of the league demand, we will play overflow games at a site to be determined.