Football Academy

In the world of sports, excellence is often achieved through dedication, guidance, and relentless pursuit of improvement. When it comes to youth football, the path to success lies in a solid foundation, rigorous training, and the mentorship of experienced professionals. That's exactly what the 8 Gradys’ football academy, under the guidance of DonTrell Moore, offers to young athletes. The DonTrell Moore Football Academy powered by 8 Gradys Performance Center is not just about football, it's about shaping the best versions of our youth, both on and off the field!

DonTrell Moore: A Legacy of Excellence

At the helm of the DonTrell Moore Football Academy stands DonTrell Moore, a football legend known for his remarkable career in the sport. With years of experience under his belt, he decided to dedicate himself to providing young football athletes with the mentorship to excel at the game. DonTrell brings his wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion for the game to every young athlete he mentors. As the head of our academy, he is committed to helping youth athletes achieve their full potential while maintaining a fun and competitive environment for all.

Turning Youth Athletes into Champions

Our primary goal at the DonTrell Moore Football Academy is to mold young football athletes into champions, not only on the football field but also in life. We achieve this through a holistic approach that focuses on skill development, nurturing each child for their individual potential, and aiding them in building their character and tackling mental and physical challenges head-on. We pride ourselves on offering our New Mexico youth an excellent opportunity to improve their personal and athletic skills.

Image of a child practicing basketball free throws during specialized basketball coaching

A Strong Football Foundation

Our football academy prioritizes skill development. We provide comprehensive training that covers all aspects of the game, including passing, catching, running, tackling, and defensive techniques. DonTrell Moore and our coaching staff ensure that young athletes build a strong football foundation that will serve them well throughout their careers. With a fun yet competitive atmosphere, kids can expect to work hard to develop their skills while enjoying every minute of practice at the DonTrell Moore Football Academy.

Nurturing Individual Potential

We understand that each athlete is unique with their own strengths and areas for improvement. That's why our football academy coaching approach is highly personalized. DonTrell Moore and his team will assess each player's skills, goals, and developmental needs to create a tailored training plan that optimizes their growth. Plus, they have the opportunity to learn from their peers throughout their time at our football academy.

Character Building Beyond the Game

Football is not just about physical skills; it's about character, discipline, and teamwork. Our football academy places a strong emphasis on character development. We teach our young athletes the values of sportsmanship, integrity, and leadership. These qualities not only make them better football players but also better individuals, and it allows them a chance to learn more about themselves while enjoying the game they love so much.

Facing Challenges Head-On

In football, as in life, mental toughness and fortitude is crucial. Our coaching staff, led by DonTrell Moore, helps young football athletes develop the mental resilience needed to overcome adversity, stay focused under pressure, and bounce back from setbacks. The DonTrell Moore Football Academy helps our young football athletes learn how to tackle challenges and overcome adversity while having fun.

Image of a child practicing basketball free throws during specialized basketball coaching

A Path to Success

For those who aspire to play football at the collegiate or professional level, our football academy offers guidance and support. We provide resources and connections to help youth athletes pursue their dreams and achieve their long-term goals. We want all our young athletes to succeed in everything they do, whether that’s during our football academy or after.

DonTrell Moore Football Academy for Young Athletes

The DonTrell Moore Football Academy is not just a football training program, it's a journey of self-discovery and transformation for young athletes. Our football academy is committed to helping youth athletes become the best versions of themselves, both on and off the football field.

If you're a young athlete with dreams of football greatness or a parent looking to provide your child with the best opportunities for success, the DonTrell Moore Football Academy is the place to be. Join us on this remarkable journey, where we don't just teach football, we shape champions and leaders who are poised to excel in every aspect of life. Let DonTrell Moore and our coaching staff be your guiding lights on the path to becoming the best version of yourself. Learn more about our football academy here and reach out today to get started.