Football Academy - College Bound

College Bound

4x/Month Group Training
Football IQ University
Recruiting Mentorship 4x/Month Position Specific Training PostSeason/Summer
4x/Month In Season Regen or Film Session

• 4x/month Group Training - Group training sessions that allow athletes to develop their skills side by side with one another and push their bodies to the limit. Individual position centric training periods that lead into cross over where multiple positions are involved working together. Every session is rounded out with 1v1s or “Skelly” where QBs throw live to Wide receivers and Running backs while Linebackers and Secondary guard and aim to intercept each pass. Meanwhile, our “Bigs” (Oline and Dline) battle it out in 1v1 pass pro settings.

• Football IQ University - Athletes will have access to tons of content (videos, articles, etc) breaking down film, tactical and technical skills, and coach instructed tutorials. 
-Recruiting Mentorship-Coaches will provide the framework for helping to connect athletes with the colleges and coaches of their choice. Coaches will provide resources, tools and information for parents and athletes to make prudent decisions about their athlete’s recruiting future. 

• 4x/Month Position Specific Training PostSeason/Summer - Postseason and into summer athletes should be focused primarily on being better at their sport! We want to foster an environment where for an hour and a half each week, we can work specifically on techniques, skills and football IQ on the field. We aim to help athletes crack the two deep and excel into all district and all state players. 

• 4x/Month In Season Regen or Film Session - In season players need help problem solving and preparing for the next opponent! Our coaches will help athletes investigate their individual skills and find the one thing that will make them 1% better every time they leave. Let us help you refine those skills and expedite your return on practice and games by being a better player overall!

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