Nutrition Facts Label: What do They Mean & How to Read Them

What is a nutrition facts label?

A guide of nutritional content for a specific packaged food item.
“Helps people make informed food choices that support a healthy diet” – FDA

How to read the label

When reading a nutrition label, one should be able to do so from TOP to BOTTOM and understand what it is they are looking at. Being able to do this will allow for a more conscious choice to be made.
Every food label is based off of a 2,000 calorie diet. This is how the “percent daily value” of each nutrient is calculated.

What does each section mean?

Serving Information: Indicates the servings of a CONTAINER and what one serving size is
Calories: Indicates the amount of calories in one serving
Nutrients: Indicates what makes up the food within the package
Percent Daily Value: Indicates how much of a specific nutrient is in the food