Our Mission

Nutrition is a key aspect of performance, and the team at Navigate Nutrition believes it's never too late to start following a nutrition plan. Athletes who apply for this service will receive a comprehensive breakdown of ideal nutritional values that align with their individual needs. Utilizing flexible dieting we have the ability to create meal plans and give dietary advice that will create the strongest possible adherence and keep athletes on track. With research based practices, we will look to set the stage for healthy eating habits that lead to long term, realistic and healthy changes.

Monica L. Sandoval

Monica grew up in Albuquerque and is a proud graduate of CIbola High School. She then graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a BS in Nutrition and Dietetics, where she played four years of Division 1 soccer. Her love for nutrition began in college while studying and playing collegiate soccer, she was able to provide herself and her teammates with appropriate meal plans to stay in shape and healthy.

Now, Monica wants to share that love of nutrition with others. Her goal is to help clients achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle through nutrition, exercise, and determination.