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8 Gradys Golf Show

ESPN Radio 101.7 THE TEAM and the 8 Gradys Performance Center have launched the 8 Gradys Golf Show hosted by our very own Gerome Espinoza (Head Golf Instructor @ 8 Gradys Performance Center). The show will run every Saturday from 10am-11am on 101.7.

The show not only will consist of information relative to local/national golf but will highlight important information regarding the 8 Gradys Performance Center as a whole!

Follow the link to the right to catch up on past episodes!

We hope you listen LIVE this Saturday!


Sports Chiropractic Care

Rather than treating athletes with medications and surgeries, sports chiropractic care is a hands-on approach that focuses on healing the entire body through treatment of the musculoskeletal system. With extensive knowledge of sports and sport related injuries, sport chiropractors are able to diagnose, treat, and prevent injuries. This type of care is essential for athletes at every level who seek longevity on the playing field and want to enhance their overall performance and injury rehabilitation. Conveniently located within the Field House premises, 8 Gradys Performance Center is proud to recommend Speegle Sport & Spine.

Meal Plans & Delivery

Eat healthy, stay fit—with Eat Fit by Nohime, a meal prep and delivery service aimed at helping you lead a better life! With delicious foods that are nutritionally balanced, Eat Fit only offers quality meals that include all the good stuff—lean meats, fish, veggies, fruits, and grains—while limiting the bad stuff—sugar, salt, dairy, and beyond. Each meal is perfectly portioned, delivered directly to you, and prepared to help you keep a well-balanced metabolism, burn fat, and build muscle. Whether at home or on-the-go, to lose weight or maintain a fit physique—Eat Fit today and live healthier tomorrow!


8Grady’s has partnered with Poiz to provide mental performance training.

What separates average athletes from the elite best? It’s their minds. With all the pressure athletes face today, the mind can make or break anyone’s performance. Mental strength is why athletes like Tom Brady can outperform competitors that are bigger, faster, and stronger. It’s the invisible muscle that can provide the strongest results.

For most athletes though, the mind goes undertrained. Poiz helps you perform your best under the highest of pressures. Founded by former athletes, the team at Poiz has worked with some of the top names across professional, Olympic, and NCAA Division 1 sports. Now, they’re making mental training more accessible than ever before.

Through this partnership, Poiz will be leading free parent-athlete workshops at 8Grady’s and giving athletes free access to their PRO Score mental assessment.

You can learn more about Poiz here.

“Chase and Shane at POIZ have developed something for performance preparation that I haven’t seen at the highest levels of sport. When you need to get your mind right, this is the kind of solution that every fast-paced performance athlete is looking for.”
-Ben Zobrist
3x MLB All-Star, 2016 World Series MVP

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