At 8 Grady’s Golf, we believe that to play to your potential you must look at the entire game of golf. Golf Instruction is often just the golf swing but the game of golf is measured by score, not the look of your swing. At 8 Grady’s Golf, we have 4 key areas we focus on to build a golf game that can be self-sufficient for our players and show long-term improvement.

1 – The Golfing Mindset – a golfer must be taught how to manage their thinking so they are able to control their emotions. In golf, you will be tested mentally and physically; if emotions and negative thinking are in the picture, then the golfer will struggle to trust their talent and enjoy the so-called pressure of tournament play.

2 – The Real Game of Golf – Golf is a game of misses & mistakes; nobody has perfected the game and no one ever will. The key is not to try to perfect the game but to play it! To do this you have to know that the lowest score wins. So the question is how do you shoot lower scores? We teach our players through game-based training how to shoot lower scores and how to track their play so they can match it up to stats from the best players in the world or from their desired level.

3 – Practice with a Purpose – We believe practice make permanent! So to become a champion golfer you must practice the way champion golfers practice. We teach our players fun ways to compete in practice that simulates tournament conditions.

4 – Skill Development – At 8 Grady’s Golf, we focus on teaching our players only the skills they need to accomplish their current goals. There are so many parts to the game of golf so often players become overwhelmed with information and are no longer playing golf but thinking technique. By adding the skill sets, the player needs a progression based on their ability; it allows the learning process to be fun, fast, and lasting. This comes from the gymnastics arena where a student has to first learn how to do a somersault to start a path one day leading to a back flip on a balance beam.

The system focuses a player on mastery rather than perfection.

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Golf Instruction at 8 Gradys
Golf Instruction at 8 Gradys
Golf Instruction at 8 Gradys

Why Coaching Vs. Private Lessons

The philosophy is based on the student becoming more independent after each session as they learn the 4 key areas of the game. They are leaning the mindset for golf; this includes how to score and manage the course, how to analyze their play and create purposeful practice routines that promote long-term development, and Skill Development which focuses on the skill sets needed to accomplish their current goals for golf.

We coach our clients as an Individual in a Team environment. Each of our clients is taught the skills and techniques based on his or her strength & mobility, their learning style, and their desired outcome. The team environment is so productive for several key reasons:

  1. It creates the right environment to learn the life skills and core values we teach.
  2. It allows our client to build friendships in an individual game.
  3. It allows coaches to create competition and challenges that motivate the players.
  4. It enables our client to take leadership or mentoring roles to develop interpersonal skills.
  5. It increases the hours our client can spend with their coach while not increasing the expense.
  6. Its reduces the chances of over-teaching & technical overload as we allow the client to apply what they are learning by experimentation and encouraging them to learn and ask questions rather than just be told what do to do.

We will simplify and accelerate the learning process so you will achieve lasting results faster than any other form of golf instruction available.


We know how great players think, practice, and play. So rather than reinvent the wheel, we coach our players in a collegiate style team environment.
This allows for consistent weekly coaching sessions,
a competitive team environment, performance class weekly, mental performance class
and most importantly time with your coach on the course!


Step 1. We assess your current game, fitness & define your golfing goals.
Step 2. We create an individualized improvement plan to achieve your goals/results.
Step 3. We determine which sensory teaching method best enables your learning process.
Step 4. We give you the tools, skills, and routines that will unlock your potential.

Golf Instruction at 8 Grady's
Coaching Programs:

If you’re looking for a dramatic improvement in your golf game in a short amount of time with guaranteed results, give us a call today!
– Full golf skills assessment, physical performance assessment & on course assessment
– Improvement plan creation
– 5 (2 hr.) On course sessions
– 10 (1 hr.) Golf studio classes
– 10 (30 min.) Supervised practices
– 5 (30 min.) Mental performance sessions
– 10 (1 hr.) Physical performance sessions

Gerome Espinoza Golf Coach

Gerome Espinoza, PGA
Head Golf Coach / Instructor

A lifelong teacher / coach in New Mexico, Gerome has taught numerous golfers including having some of the biggest and most successful PGA Junior League teams in the Sun Country. He has coached both golf and basketball at the varsity level in Albuquerque for over 15 years. He is a competitive golfer in the Sun Country PGA and enjoys playing in tournaments, winning the Pro-Pro three times as well as the Assistants Championship in 2020.

His love for golf and teaching the game is obvious in his passionate teaching style. He has high expectations for his students and expects their best effort in every session. Gerome believes that golfers need to play the game, not be beautiful swingers of the golf club.

Gerome Espinoza Golf Coach

Robby Pernell, PGA
Golf Coach / Instructor

Robby was born in Wichita, KS and raised in San Antonio, TX where he picked up golf at the age of 10. He started playing competitively at 13 and still competes in tournaments to this day. Robby attended Sam Houston State University and graduated in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration along with his Class A PGA status. He learned the love for teaching the game of golf early in his career and has had a successful teaching business for the past 4 years.

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